Sex and Asthma

What should I do if I start having asthma symptoms during sex?



There are steps you can take to relieve your asthma symptoms during sex. It doesn’t have to completely kill the passion. That’s why it’s good to communicate with your sex partner about your health condition before hand.


Be honest and say you need to stop for a moment.  Use your reliever inhaler, It should be within arms reach at all times.  Switch positions.


Here are some positions to try:

Spoon sex:   Spooning works best for couples who intend to save up on their energy since it doesn’t involve a lot of work from both parties. It works best for both partners, irrespective of who is suffering from the problem. Because of the angle of penetration, it also facilitates easy G spot access.



Woman-on-top:   This works best if the one suffering from Asthma is the man. Since most of the labour-intensive moves are to be performed by the woman, the man will be able to conserve his energy and prevent wheezing episodes. Even reverse cow girl works best for the same reason.



Standing position:   Standing positions also works well for both the man and the woman suffering from Asthma . It facilitates less labour-intensive movements for both men and women.



Scissors:  Scissors or scissoring is an easy sex position, which is not only pleasurable but also easy on your lungs. It requires the two of you to lie down and entwine your legs in a “scissor” position. It works for both the man and the woman suffering from Asthma.



Let’s talk about the environment. We all want to set the mood every now and then with a change in scenery or candles and incense but this can also be a trigger for your asthma. Think twice before you consider outdoor sex, sometimes the air quality is not that great. We all love renting hotel rooms but make sure they are non smoking rooms. Lastly being surrounded by perfumed candles, a dusty floor, dust mites, or pets can all be triggers for your asthma as well.



When meeting new people it’s very important that you educate them about your asthma prior to having sex. Remember, your partner or date will  hopefully only want the best for you. Either pick a time away from the bedroom, like when you’re having dinner or in the car and spark up the conversation about your asthma.



Perhaps say:

“So, my asthma can sometimes be triggered by sex. I can manage it, I just wanted to let you
“I’m going to leave my inhaler by the bed in case I need it.”
“Hold on, let me just use my inhaler first, just in case.”
“Can we try this position instead? It feels more comfortable.”
Once you and your partner know what works best for you, having sex should be fine.

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