How To Ride Dick

By ShaRonda Parker 

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When your man’s dick is hard it’s not flexible and sitting on it wrongly and pressing it down with all your body weight might result in much strain and pain. Make sure to find his natural angle and put your pelvis in a position you and the guy are both comfortable in. Every guy has a different angle, so don’t assume you’ll be able to climb on top and start riding him just like that.

Do what feels good to you. Most men have no problem with laying back and letting the woman take control. You have to decide if you are gonna Ride on your knees, on your feet, or with your legs on his shoulders, or will your legs be spreader open wide. Will you be in reverse..?… 

When you are on top you are more likely to have an orgasm because you are getting direct stimulation to the clitoris, some men even hit the g spot. Not all men know to use their hands so make him grab your ass and grind against you from below. It’s basically like killing two birds with one stone, and even though your man might think you are selfish and feel tired when doing it for the first time, he will appreciate it later on.

Confidence brings motivation, and you can’t get tired if you believe in yourself. Most men want to see this. There is nothing that turns on a guy than a woman who is confident. If you are confident, you will just show your man that you want it, which will turn him on even more. 

Put some music on. Riding is all about rhythm and moving your hips. The rhythm of your music can be influential on the way you are riding your man. Get yourself some music CDs, exceptionally slow jams like Soul, R&B or Blues and press play before you jump on top of him. Guys will prefer you put some music that is also good for them so don’t put on breakup music it will kill the mood.

Tip: The shallow Thrust
The outer third of a woman’s vagina is the most sensitive. The G-spot is hanging out just two-inches inside the vagina. He should introduce his penis to it.  Many men find that they too enjoy shallow thrusting since it stimulates the head of the penis, the most sensitive part. Just the tip: He should alternate between shallow thrusts and deep thrusts, but stay mostly in the shallow end.

Tip: Screw
For more pleasurable sex, try making circular movements with your hips while you’re on top. This is a tip for both men and women.  Circular motion is good for the clitoris, and trust me you want to stimulate the clitoris. 

Tip: Make it Bite
The PC muscles are the miracle muscles that prevent you from peeing in your pants and make you better in bed. Exercise your PC muscles by doing Kegels to last longer.

Whenever you’re moving those hips around, it’s important to pace yourself and get the timing right. Men, relax your PC muscles when your hips meet your partner’s hips and squeeze them when you move away. Remember to breathe with the flow of your Kegels, and download the app Kegel Camp to really work those Kegels every day.  Word on the street is that Kegels give men stronger orgasms. Since I don’t have a penis I can’t attest to this, but I do know it gets tighter down there when women do their kegels. And you will definitely pull that nut out him. 

Tip: Pay attention to his facial expressions 
Whenever you’re moving those hips around, it’s important to pace yourself and get the timing right. You don’t have to be graceful, just start off slow and ramp up if your partner is feeling it. Pay attention to how they react to your moves and go with the flow. Find your groove whether you prefer shallow sex, screwing, or making slow and passionate love.

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