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How To Squirt

Can all women squirt? Ladies ask me this question all the time and my answer is YES all women can squirt if they are stimulated properly. 

Locating the G-Spot 

First and foremost, make sure your partners hands are clean and their fingernails are trimmed, because they will be putting them in a very sensitive place. 

Like anything else related to sex, foreplay is extremely important. Focus on the kissing and caressing your partner to get them relaxed and turned on. The G-spot is composed of tissue that swells when it becomes aroused, so you really want to take your time and build desire.  

Before you start empty your bladder. So often women fear “peeing”, and they tense up, squirting requires you to be relaxed. 

How To Squirt: Instructions for your partner


Maneuver your fingers to find her g-spot. Slide your fingers in about 2 inches, UP, and then BACK towards the front of the pussy (like you’re going up behind her clit.) You should feel, on that wall, a very rough patch of skin – rougher than the rest of her smooth inner pussy. You’ve found it, thats the G-SPOT!!!!!


As you start to press/pull your fingertips against the g-spot, she should start getting wetter. If you’re doing it right, and she’s comfortable with it, you’ll start to hear squelching, sponge-like sounds. The g-spot is like a sponge, it contains a lot of liquid, and feels rough. Keep pressing your fingers against it, over and over.


When she gets close to ejaculation, she will say that she needs to pee. SHE DOES NOT NEED TO PEE. It’s just a temporary sensation that will pass, but you have to make sure she knows about it beforehand. Hold her legs apart with the other hand, if you have to. You can even use your head or knees or whatever to hold her legs open, but make sure she stays relatively still (or she might get hurt on your fingers) and that you KEEP GOING. In fact, when she feels like she needs to pee tell her to use her vaginal muscles and push. She needs to make her vagina contract, that’s when you should start apply more pressure to the G-Spot Now she should start to ejaculate. She’ll scream, and her pussy will start shooting clear (transparent), odorless liquid all over the place. There could be a lot of it, it might soak you completely and soak the sheets and everything around her, so make sure you’re prepared. 

If you have long nails you can also use the All that Jazz G Spot Vibrator and it will give you the same results.

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Ericka Bell
Ericka Bell
2 years ago


Claudia M Tate
Claudia M Tate
2 years ago
Reply to  Ericka Bell

Me and my girl friend tried this last night and it really really worked omg