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How To Travel With Sex Toys

The summertime is near and I know everyone is excited about taking a vacation. Did you know that more than 50 percent of people say they are more likely to be intimate with their significant other while on vacation than they are at home? And studies have shown that a change in scenery could provide a boost to your sex drive. Let me give you some traveling tips. 

Do your research. It is legal to have sex toys in the United States. Unfortunately, some countries, like India and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), have restrictions on sex toys. Do your research ahead of time to avoid the risk of having your vibrator confiscated. The TSA also has a handy “Can I Bring?” search tool on its website. Enter the name of the product you’re planning to bring, such as “vibrator” or “lube,” and you’ll quickly be able to see if the item is permitted and any restrictions that might apply.  

Remove all Batteries….Having your vibrator accidentally start buzzing as you go through airport security will certainly draw unwanted attention. If you have a battery-operated toy, simply remove the batteries. If you have a rechargeable vibrator, you may want to run the charge out before you pack it. This might mean using it every night for a week before your trip, but who’s complaining about that?
Some of the more hi-tech toys have a travel lock on them, please make sure you remember to change the setting to a travel lock before packing. 

Smaller is better… Instead, stick with a petite but powerful toy that can easily be tucked away in an inner suitcase pocket.  Put your vibrator in a clear plastic bag. This way, if TSA screeners open your bag, they’ll be able to see what it is without having their hands all over it. You don’t want them touching your toy and I’m pretty sure they will appreciate it being in a bag. If you plan to bring some lube or toy cleaner to go along with your vibrator, it shouldn’t be an issue—so long as you follow the TSA’s restrictions for liquids. Keep it up to 3 ounces or less. Size does matter. Remember that the TSA restricts hand tools longer than 7 inches in length in carry-on baggage, so if you a have a longer toy, it might fall into the category of “baton-like” or “club-like” items that have to be checked. 

Put them in your checked luggage and not your carry on.. This is your best option.

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