how unplugging can save your sex life opt - How Unplugging Can Improve Your Sex Life

How Unplugging Can Improve Your Sex Life

Many of you are like me and you work from your device. Studies show being hyper-connected to your phone/tablet was found to be correlated with reduced levels of relationship satisfaction, falling out of love, an increased tendency to be less satisfied with life overall, and higher depression rates. Detaching yourself from your phone and truly unplugging when you are with your loved ones will improve your relationship and sex life — enabling you to cultivate deeper connections and maintain them. So how do you have a healthy, balanced and loving relationship in a digital world full of noise and distraction? Strategically plan “device-free time” with each other. Disconnecting digitally will help you connect personally with each other which in return your sex life will improve. Check the status of your relationship rather than the status of your social media feed.

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