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There are lots of kinds of Great Sex. Tantric Sex focuses more on quality, it’s a process.  Tantric Sex is about taking your mind and body to the next level. We all know that not all orgasms are created equal. Some are mind-blowing excursions into ecstasy, while others are brief and pleasant. Tantric Sex is not about orgasms, it’s about excitement and arousal, the longer you stay in the excitement phase the more hormones and endorphins are secreted by your glands producing an altered state of consciousness. Are you ready to learn more about Tantric Sex?


Take a big deep breath. There are 3 things you need to know about breath and sex. 

Changing the way you breathe changes the way you feel. 

Sexual energy travels on the breath. 

The more you breathe the more you feel. 

Simply match your breathe to his. Remember you both should be taking deep breaths and looking into each other’s eyes. Be sure to breathe in and out through your mouth because you want to increase your sexual energy and move it throughout your body. Breathing through your nose will relax your body


Do you know the same erectile tissues that are in the nipples, penis, and clitoris are in the lining of our nose? That’s why you can smell something and immediately get turned on. The smell will make a man erect or make a woman get wet. 

I’m sure you have smelled something and your mind took you back to another time and place. You probably experienced some of the same emotions you had felt at that time. Our sense of smell is directly linked to our sexuality.

The true question is, do you know what scent turns you on? 

Each person has an odor print that is unique like a fingerprint. This is influenced by diet, heredity, medication, and mood. 

When we slow down our lovemaking and take the time to smell our partner our arousal levels can rise drastically. The next time you visit PPG check out our Pure Instinct Pheromone Oils. These pheromone oils will have you and your partner turned on immediately. 


In Tantra, it is said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. 

Over the course of an intimate long term relationship, it is natural to feel some disconnection. That doesn’t mean you have stopped loving each other. It is natural, healthy, and in fact desirable for two people to maintain their sense of individuality apart from their partner. Over time and given the demands of our busy lives, more separation may occur than you would like. When two happy, self-satisfied, self-loving people come together out of a sense of desire and do not need the relationship will thrive. Eye gazing and looking at each other with new soft eyes will reawaken intimacy and desire. 

Sensuous Undressing is standing with feet hip distance apart in a candlelit room with “soft music”. Look into your lovers’ eyes. Let your partner undress you as slowly as possible. If you are doing the undressing go slow, appreciate every curve, roll, scar, or stretch mark on her body. Show your lover your appreciation by gently stroking each newly uncovered body part. If you are being undressed all you do is breathe, do not help your lover undress you, if he needs to move your arm he will, if he needs to move your foot he will. Just receive the undressing. 


What sounds do you think of when you think of sex? Intimate conversation? Naughty sex talk? Moans and groans? What’s Sex without feedback from your partner? Sound is a major part of sex. You might like to whisper your dirty words in your partner’s ear. You might get off when your lover talks dirty to you. Or you might appreciate the nonverbal sounds of sex like grunts, gasps, and panting. Some people even enjoy loud screaming, cursing, or even calling on God. 

Whatever your preference is, sound plays a major role in sexual energy. It’s a stress reliever. If your feeling overwhelmed a great thing to do is hold nothing back.. get loud. Explode, scream, shout, cry, laugh, just do you at the moment. The sound makes your libido rise. If you have ever seen porn you will hear things like Oh yes, yes, yes.. Don’t Stop… Harder… Deeper… Give it to me daddy or Give it to me you slut… Or fuck me you, freaky bitch… Make that pussy cum…. and the list goes on and on. The combination of breathing, gasping, and words will release a great deal of sexual energy and endorphins. According to Tantric Sexual Practices, you can move sexual energy up and down your body simply with sound. 

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