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12 Naughty Days Of Christmas

By ShaRonda Parker 

Day #1

Using a candy cane…

Have you ever thought about how naughty you can get with a candy cane? Over the years mints have become very popular when it comes to oral sex.

Using a candy cane…

Let him give you oral stimulation while tickling your clit with a candy cane… 

Give him oral sex while tickling his balls with a candy cane.. Be sure to suck him and the candy and blow……

When it’s all over make sure you both come up for a kiss….. There is no right or wrong way… It’s all about being creative 

image2 1 - 12 Naughty Days Of Christmas

Day #2

Eating the Sugar Cookie

Let’s make the cookie sweet for Santa. Unicorn Spit is a donut Flavored Lubricant that taste like a powdered doughnut… Drizzle A Little on the “cookie” for Santa and let him eat until his heart is content. 

image1 - 12 Naughty Days Of Christmas


Who’s the Boss

You will need a Santa Hat and the willingness to take control. Tonight you are on top. You will wear your Santa hat while riding his sleigh. Ride him in as many positions as you can but the goal is to remain on top… 

Day #4

Unwrap Your Gift

You will need a roll of thick ribbon and some tape. 

The goal is to wrap you whole body in ribbon, you can cover what you want, expose what you want. Blind fold Santa and the object of the game is for Santa To Use his mouth to unwrap his gift. 

Day #5

Play with Toys 

You will need a silver bullet and a blindfold. Santa has the toy and you wear the blindfold. Santa will use the Silver Bullet to stimulate you. 

Day #6

Sexting Santa

Today you will send dirty messages to Santa via, text, email, and voice mail.. Send pictures/ naughty notes. Be careful what you say cause Santa will honor your request.

Day #7

Pamper Santa 

Give Santa a warm body massage with a warming massage candle. The candle is made of soy wax so it will not burn the skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E… 

image5 - 12 Naughty Days Of Christmas

Day #8 

Red Light Special 

Tonight you will wear something red… Red Lingerie, Red Thong, Red Pumps, Red Robe… It doesn’t matter as long as it’s red… Put on a song that you know will put Santa in the mood and do a dirty dance for Santa… 

image3 874x1024 - 12 Naughty Days Of Christmas

Day #9 

The Nut Cracker 

Tonight it’s all about the nutz… You will need Climax Burst Cooling or Warming, your choice and a Pack Of Yummy Cummy… Please give Santa the Yummy Cummy 20 minutes before you perform The Nut Cracker. 

Sit down in a chair and have Santa to stand…. Blindfold Santa, he needs to stand with his legs open a little so that his nutz can drop. While giving him oral sex your going to massage his nutz with the climax burst. You gonna suck him until he nuts in your mouth and then you will swallow. Don’t worry the Yummy Cummy will make his cum taste sweet. 

image4 1 - 12 Naughty Days Of Christmas

Day #10 

I need a spanking 

You have been a bad girl so tonight you will have to lay across Santa lap. You will need a Frisky Finger Vibe. Santa will wear this Finger Vibe while spanking you… In between the spankings he will stimulate the vagina and the anus and reward you. The best position to be in is laying across his lap on the bed or the couch. 

Day #11

Giving and Receiving 

Tonight you both will be giving and receiving. You will be in the 69 Sex position. You will need Flavored Lubricant… 

Day #12 

I love you Santa 

Write Santa a love letter, and lay the remote control on the letter… Let Santa know how much you love and appreciate him… Let him know tonight is his night and he gets to control you from across the room. You will need vibrating panties with the remote control. You and Santa should step out. You are wearing the vibrating panties and he will operate the remote control. 

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Bernadette Blanchard
Bernadette Blanchard
2 years ago

O my God this is going to be so much fun. I am super excited.

2 years ago

Alright now, let’s get it!

2 years ago

All I can say is wow very creative

Roz Lacey
Roz Lacey
2 years ago

12 Fun-filled Naughty Nights!